The Newcastle Congress was held at Jesmond over the weekend of 17th 18th June 2017.  Charlestown members figured prominently.  In the restricted Swiss pairs, Janet Ritchie and Cheryl Pletz finished 3rd East/West, while Ronnie Antill and Margaret Somers finished 3rd North/South.  They then teamed up to play in the teams on the Sunday and guess what?  3rd again.  Points for consistency!  Diann Miller playing E/W with Margaret Carter came 2nd. Caroline Carey also played an it was also great to see Sue and Greg Haines playing in their first congress.

In the open section Swiss Pairs, Charlestown members all played East West.  Robert Shearer teamed up with Geoff Lee to win from Jody Swaine and Paul Rooms in second position.  Well done Robert and Jody.  Effie Roach and John Stuart came in 1oth and Tony Wagstaff, Kerrie Stien, and Brigitta Kuegler also gained red points.

In the open teams, things did not go so well.  Best placed Charlestown member was Tony Wagstaff whose team (Judy Atkins, Bernie Atkins, Kate Cafe) came 20th, with Hans Tiller and John Stuart playing with Rod Bell and Wayne Morgan coming 28th, and Robert Shearer and Jody Swaine 31st.  42 teams took part in the open.

The Newcastle club are to be congratulated for hosting a most enjoyable congress, ably directed by Matthew McManus.


John Stuart

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