This event was held at Newcastle Bridge Club on Sunday 4th June, 24 Teams competed with Charlestown managing to enter 4 Teams (Something of a record for us).  2 Teams performed well early on in the first 3 of the 10 board matches with the Littler team (Ruth Littler, Jenny Hudson, Deanna and John Stuart) placing second after the first round and the Antill team (Ronnie Antill, Margaret Somers, Janet Ritchie and Cheryl Pletz)  also getting into second place subsequently after a good result against the Kuegler team and 3 wins to their credit.  Unfortunately neither could maintain their early promise and dropped back into the pack after meeting stiff opposition.

In the final wash up it was the Kuegler team (Brigitta Kuegler, Tony Wagstaff, Caroline Carey and Trish Harrigan) who qualified for the next stage by coming 6th with 4 wins.  The Presidents Team (Janice McKay, Hans Tiller,  Roger Axe and Robert Shearer) were next best finishing 14th, just out of the qualifying cut off of 12th.  All teams earned a boost to their red points and enjoyed the day under the cool eye of Director Peter Peterson.


John Stuart 4th June 2017

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