The Toronto Bridge Club Congress was held at the new venue,  Lake Macquarie High School, last Sunday. 34 teams took part and while there was no specific Charlestown Team, the club was represented by a number of players.  Tania Lloyd and Hugh Grosvenor played in the winning team.  They were running 3rd into the last round of the six match event when they played the leading team  (Weaver).  Tania and Hugh and their partners (Beryl Manuel and Chris Van Wyck) had 3 good swings in their favour on the last 3 boards while their opponents could manage only one, giving them a victory by 34 Imps and putting them into first place with 4 out of 6 wins.  Deanna and John Stuart finished in 8th position, playing with Kay and Bruce Baguley with 4 wins and a draw.  Robert Shearer and Peter Scaife were the other 50% Charlestown team with Diana and Chris Ellis finishing 13th, just pipping Jody Swaine’s team (Paul Rooms, Judy Payne, Susan McMahon) on 14th, while the indomitable Ronnie  Antill playing in a Toronto team (Andrew Toyne, Margaret Ingold and Tracey Evans) finished 11th and received an award for the best Toronto team.   2 other Charlestown members were also involved in non playing capacities, Hans Tiller who convened the event with his usual efficient organisation, and Kerrie Stien who was helping with the more than adequate catering.  Director for the day was Alan Bustany who is establishing high credentials in the position.

Altogether a most enjoyable day with superb views of the Lake from the school playground.  The Toronto Club and Hans are to be congratulated once more on the smooth running of the event.

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John Stuart 28th August 2019